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  • In Need of Bee Removal in Orange County, CA?

    Bees can be a real threat to a school of small children or a neighborhood where allergies to bee stings are present. Furthermore, removing a beehive by yourself can be quite dangerous.

    When you need bee removal services that will have a lasting effect, call Bee Removal Orange County CA. We have years of experience working with a variety of bee and other stinging insect problems in both private homes and public buildings.

    Residential & Commercial Beehive Removal in Orange County, CA

    We offer years of experience working not only in private homes but also with cities, school districts, homeowners’ associations, churches, hotels, restaurants, libraries, and many other locations that can have pest infestations. Whether you have a residential or commercial need, we can help!

    Our Services

    We are confident that we can help with your pest problem, no matter which stinging insect you’re dealing with. We offer extensive services with the following:

    • Honeybee swarms
    • Yellow jackets and their nests
    • Carpenter bees
    • Wasps and their nests
    • Sand bees and wasps
    • Bumblebees and their nests
    • And more!

    What Other Pests Do You Have?

    Although we specialize in bee removal in Orange County, CA, we can do much more than that! We are also licensed to work with fire ant infestations as well as nuisance bird (pigeon, starling, owl, sparrow, swallow) nest removal, exclusions, and dropping cleanup.

    When you can’t seem to keep the pests away from your home or business, let us help!

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